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IP GEO Location - A Safe and Forward-Thinking Idea

Geo ip locator, Sophisticated or not, IP geolocation technologies allow web operators to discover the location of abusive users around the Globe and apply national or international laws to them. The virtual world of the Internet offers users more freedom than the offline world. The reason why the Internet is so much against the law is that people are less caught up in the online environment. Authenticity, fraud, copyrights and much more were not so easily detected on a network as in the real world until recently, and the perpetrator often escaped the crime. The IP geolocation saved the day and will probably save it even more in the future. This technological location average is very useful and in demand due to its security, access and network efficiency.

Let's take the example of a website with an increasing number of visitors. This site is interested in many customers who use its services. There are no guarantees for the security of any transaction, unless customers submit their information online. What if this information is incorrect? The location can be obtained if the client voluntarily gives his IP address (with the help of a site registration) or does not acquire it, it can be detected with approximate accuracy through different methods. An online form, registration, registration - all this can be deceived by incorrect information. There is no other way to verify authentication and legal restriction other than IP geolocation.

Software solutions help web operators to find a person's IP geolocation by various methods:

1. The simplest one is less effective. Looking at the Regional International Registry of "Whois" records can be a useless struggle. There are 5 RIRs, and each of them serves a designated area in the world. RIRs allocate IP addresses to organizations, ISPs and users in their specific region or area and allow free download of files with information. Records with IP addresses have really been downloaded by various people, who now offer them for free in online databases that you need to access. But these IP geolocation files are not very accurate and may not help.

2. Basic network tools such as ping, traceroute, and nslookup are more effective at IP geolocation. A server network can prove that it offers a more accurate IP address location. IP addresses on the Internet are "probed" and are used by the network only to find out the exact location of an IP address. Some solution providers use a large number of servers (thousands), while others use only 10-12.

Ping = Packet Internetwork Goper (a tool that is also included with the TCP / IP software package and determines whether a host is active or does not determine the round-trip delay)

Traceroute = used as a debugging tool to determine the route from a local to a remote host

Nslookup = name server search program (dec TCP / IP software package includes this program to determine a host name or IP address)

3. This last category of IP geolocation methods (number 2) is considered to be of medium effectiveness, while there are other solutions that use even more advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence and special systems. Some also conduct a more thorough verification and comparison of IP addresses and IP geolocations for an excellent result.

There is a lot to be said about this rather complicated topic, which requires knowledge about the constantly changing Internet environment. The directive is that the IP geolocation, the sunday of full expansion, is gaining more and more popularity every day in all aspects related to the Internet. Security is as much a problem in the virtual world as it is in the real world, because the two interact. IP geolocation deals with this by accepting real identities.

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