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B2B Buyer Personas — 3 Big Mistakes You’re Probably Making

B2B buyer personas are one of the most important things your marketing department is likely getting wrong. According to an article from Aberdeen, when persona expert Adele Revella contacted some of her clients hoping to put together case studies from her work, she was astounded. It seems her customers had appreciated her insights, but they couldn’t speak to how the personas had improved performance — because they hadn’t used them. It turned out that her clients didn’t know what to do with their B2B buyer personas once they had them....
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Why Do SEO In-House

It can be a never-ending debate: Who does what on the team? What roles do we need to do in-house and what can we outsource? In reality, to be successful with content and SEO, you have certain tasks that need to be done. Those tasks are then translated into roles that do them. At the end of the day we need somebody doing at least the following: Content Strategy And Project Strategy What are we trying to do and why? What’s our unique differentiation or a topic that can help...
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4 Lessons to Learn From These B2B Inbound Marketing Examples

Have you ever visited a company website or social media channel and something caught your eye in an unexpected but delightful way? Whether it was a cool video or fancy infographic, the content captured your imagination in a way that other brands don’t. Maybe it quickly solved an issue for your business or perhaps sparked ideas around how to improve it in general. This is the power of well-executed inbound marketing. It grabs someone’s attention in a unique way and forces them to stop right in their tracks. Inbound marketing...
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5 Ways to Strengthen the Retail Customer Journey for Your E-commerce Business

Buying products from e-commerce businesses has become commonplace in today’s digital landscape. People purchase everything, from groceries to cars, online, and it’s all thanks to e-commerce businesses. In 2020, the U.S. e-commerce market generated $431.6 billion in revenue, and that number is expected to reach upwards of $560 billion by 2025. But with a rapidly growing market, it’s become increasingly difficult to make your customer experience superior to those of other e-commerce businesses. With so many more retailers moving to an online model, partially due to the pandemic, you...
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